Y2mate obey the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) by taking appropriate actions to notices of alleged copyright infringement that abide by the DMCA and other exercisable laws.

In course of responding to the copyright infringement notice, we will act suitably to suspend or remove access to material(s) under our control, responsible for infringing intellectual rights of others.

Content that are hosted on other third-party websites are not controlled by Y2mate and cannot eliminate materials from websites that are beyond its control or it doesn’t own. In case you are a creator or owner of any content, which is hosted on a third-party website, and you have not permitted the utilization of your content, then please contact the website’s administrator directly to get the content removed from there.

In case you believe that the content available through Y2mate software violates one or more of your copyright rights, kindly notify us about the same via a notice (“Infringement Notice”), which should include the information mentioned below.

Kindly bear in mind that you will be accountable for damages (including attorneys’ fees and costs) in case you materially misrepresent that an activity or product is violating your intellectual rights. Hence, if you are not sure that the content available via Y2mate software violates your copyright rights, then you should first contact an attorney about the same.

In order to file a copyright infringement notice, you need to include the following:

  • An electronic or physical evidence of ownership of the content that has been allegedly infringed.
  • Materials for identification of copyrighted work/content, which have been claimed to be violated, or if a single notification serves the purpose for more than one copyrighted works at a single website, then include all the respective information (for instance: author, title, any tracking or registration number).
  • Information for recognizing the content that has been claimed to be infringed or is subject of infringement activity and which has to be eliminated or access to which has to be disabled. The information for identification of the alleged content should be reasonably sufficient to locate the material.
  • Your proper contact information that will allow us to contact you, if necessary (for instance, your telephone number, address, email address, etc.).
  • Provide a statement acknowledging that all the information that you have mentioned in correct, and under the penalty of perjury, you have the authority to take action on behalf of the actual owner of any exclusive right that is claimed to infringed.