Here on this page, we have provided our privacy policy for the visitors of our website ( And it provides the information about how we collect, use, or disclose the personal information of users if they decide to use our service.

How do we collect, utilize, and disclose information?

To provide better user experience and to enhance the web experience of our website (, we collect a small amount of data which is described below. The data we collect from you is not compromised with others.

Log Data

To inform whenever you visit our website (, we collect some information which is transmitted to us by your web browser, this information is known log data. The log data contains various data such as your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address, version of the Internet browser you are utilizing, information about the pages on our website that you visit, time and date of your visits, information about how much time you spend on our website, and other data.

Web beacons and cookies

Cookies serve a convenient way to identify individuals on a website during further sessions after first visit. It is a small piece of information and it may consist anonymous unique identifier that is utilized to recognize cookies. When you visit a site, these cookies are transmitted to your Internet browser and they are temporarily stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies help recognize users and customize web experience for different users.

When you visit our website, it may utilize cookies to recognize your preferred language.

Apart from this, some of our associates may use the cookies (for instance, marketers/advertisers). However, we have no access or control over these cookies.

Links to third-party websites

You may view different third-party links on our website ( In case you attempt to follow any of such links by clicking on a link, it will redirect you to that domain. You should make a clear note that these external links or websites are not operated or governed by us. Thus, we strictly recommend checking the privacy practices of the website before you use its services. We have no control over the privacy terms of such third-party websites, hence we do not accept any responsibility for the practices, privacy policies or content of such third-party links.

Privacy agreement

Once you utilize our website or service, you expressly give you consent to our Privacy agreement.

Contact Us

If you have any type of question or suggestion about our service or privacy policy, then you reach out to us for this, give your valuable feedback. For any type of suggestions or queries, contact us.